Plugin: Adds a widget showing average page number in search engines page results (works with Google, Yahoo, Live, etc.)

I Have tried again to install the feature (followed exactly the instructions described in ticket #502) but still the same error message occurs:

The plugin ‘SearchEnginePosition’ is enabled, but the file ‘…/piwik/plugins/SearchEnginePosition/SearchEnginePosition.php’ couldn’t be found. To continue, please disable the plugin manually by removing the line

Plugins[] = SearchEnginePosition
in the configuration file config/config.ini.php

I have seen that many users face problems with this feature. Can anyone help?

There is no solution at the moment.

Geldbörsen Damen - my site[/size]

That is sad. It sounds like a very good feature.

sorry for the delay, we update SearchEnginePosition you can download it from