Please READ before posting a new topic

Before creating a new topic, please be aware that your question or problem has probably already been asked and adressed. Please do the following:
[li] Check the Piwik FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
[/li][li] Search in the forums by typing your keywords in the search field just above this message
[/li][li] Finally, check out the Piwik User documentation, which has many user guides
[/li][li] If you think that there is a bug, please do a search on the bug tracker before posting a new forum topic or creating a new bug report. It is very likely that the bug report is already created, and even that there is a patch or solution available.

Frequently asked troubleshooting:
[li] Piwik doesn’t track any visits and pages, and shows “No Data” in all reports.
[/li][li] Piwik doesn’t detect accurately the Country and/or Continent of my visitors.

Thank you for taking the time to research, as it will make the forums more enjoyable for everybody. Enjoy using Piwik!