Placing of tracking code in WP

(MKtheGREAT) #1

Hello. I am using Piwik on some of my WP sites. I use the plugin for most of them and it seems to work fine, however with one theme in particular, the piwik tracking code is NOT getting placed in my pages. I think it might have to do with the theme itself somehow, because ive done the exact same thing with the plugin (its not that difficult or tricky) with my other WP sites and the tracking code shows up, but its just not showing up in the source code on this theme (ive tried it on 2 WP blogs i have running the same theme).

So, i manually entered the code in the footer.php , the only problem is that the code is not RIGHT above the tag, rather there is one additional tag, and then the body tag (see below):


Will this be okay?? Please advise, thank you very much!