Piwki not recording analytics for 2nd site but see it in apache logs

Hello, I am having piwik 2.16.1 installed with two sites

Site 1: Drupal on same server as piwik, piwik recording A-OK,
loads in browser as https://www.example1.com

Site 2: Wordpress on external server, piwik not recording visits except for one instance of an image download and exiting to an external site.
loads in browser as https://example2.com

For site 2,

  • the piwik code is in the header () of all pages.

  • apache logs on piwik server show the connections piwik.php?action… made by people visiting site2.

  • the code is the same as site one except

    • idsite=2 instead of idsite=1

    • setdomains is *.example2.com instead of *.www.example1.com

I am testing from a IP that is not whitelisted.

I have looked at troubleshooting entry in FAQ Are there any suggestion on how to troubleshoot further