PiwikTracker.php - return visitor data?



I’m using the PiwikTracker.php-File to track my visitor via HTTP-Method. If I turn on the debug I get a string with all processed visitor-data from Piwik as result. Is there a way to get this data as an object or array?

$result = $piwikTracker->doTrackPageView('Document title of current page view');
echo $result;

For example I want to have this data and I don’t want to parse the whole string:

array (
  'idsite' => 15,
  'visitor_localtime' => '16:43:55',
  'idvisitor' => '28b3bc2b82a95b13',
  'visitor_returning' => true,
  'visitor_count_visits' => 1,

Thanks in advance!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

turn off debug, then add your own debug in handleNewVisit() and handleKnownVisit() in core/Tracker/Visit.php