piwikTracker Javascript methods

Hi there

I’m wanting to capture the search engine keywords and keywords position with Javascript.

I have a main index page from where I redirect with JS to a mobile device friendly page if the screen is smaller than 960px wide or the user agent matches one of several common mobile device strings.
The redirection includes the document.referrer string as a parameter
e.g. Bizhosting Site
At the new page I capture the referrer parameter and use piwikTracker.setReferrerURL to apply the original referrer.

However I couldn’t find anything equivalent like:


setReferrerKeywords( list )
setReferrerKeywordsPosition( number )

Can anyone help me here?


Piwik will detect the keyword automatically from the referrer URL

Thanks Matt for your quick message.

I have rejigged my JS to load the Piwik tracking just before I redirect and I think that will do the trick.