Piwik works badly since the update 2.2.2



Since the update 2.2.2, I can only get the statistics for a single website, the others are not displayed.

This URL (home page) gives a blank page :


On all pages, Piwik version is not displayed in the upper right.

In setting > Tracking code :

Variable "sites" does not exist in "@CoreHome/_siteSelect.twig" at line 27

In setting > System check :

Key "hasMbstring" for array with keys "directories, can_auto_update, phpVersion_minimum, phpVersion, phpVersion_ok, needed_extensions, missing_extensions, pdo_ok, adapters, needed_functions, missing_functions, desired_extensions, missing_desired_extensions, desired_functions, missing_desired_functions, openurl, gd_ok, serverVersion, serverOs, serverTime, memoryMinimum, memory_ok, memoryCurrent, isWindows, integrity, integrityErrorMessages, timezone, tracker_status, is_nfs, has_errors, has_warnings, extra" does not exist in "@Installation/_systemCheckSection.twig" at line 227

In short, the update went wrong… I reinstalled Piwik, but it changes nothing. It’s probably the update of the database that is not well done …

Thanks for your help !

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It sounds like some files are not uploaded correctly, could you re-upload all piwik files?