Piwik.woff yielding a 404 after upgrade

After upgrade to 3.0 the dashboard looked a bit weird. I found out that piwik.woff is not loading
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) - The file is definitely there and has the right permissions.

Looking in the console it seems that the query string is passed after a trailing slash - probably causing the 404.

i.e. --> …/plugins/Morpheus/fonts/piwik.woff/?42xrcb

I found my solution here:

I used ‘Solution 2’ and added the .woff file extension to my web.config file.

Did you add this in a web.config within Piwik directory, or in your own web.config? Wondering if our web.config generator needs to be updated or whether issue is 100% not ours?

Thanks for the above.

  1. Using Linux and Apache so the solution above is not applicable
  2. The issue crept up with the upgrade to V3. Nothing has changed on my server… So I do think it is related to the upgrade

I installed Piwik inside of a Drupal website. The Drupal web.config file is what was blocking the .woff file extension. I didn’t change the web.config file within the Piwik directory.