Piwik widgets shown in iFrame - AutoResize


We are showing some Piwik widgets in another website, as a summary to our users. We were using a very simple piece of Javascript code, in Piwik server, to automatically resize the iframes according to their height (see the code here: http://pastebin.com/bY1Na88e)

Then, we add the javascript in our website and invoke for each widget: onload=“FrameManager.registerFrame(this)”

However this stopped working after upgrading our Piwik 2.3 installation to 2.15.

In the ‘widgets’ menu in Piwik, the code for each widget shows a static height set to 350. That doesn’t look good at all, all the widgets are cropped.

For the moment we have temporarily set scrollbar to auto, but the size is slightly cropped too, it doesn’t look good either. See:

Is anyone else doing this? any recommendations for Piwik widgets auto-resizing, or why it could have stopped working? (all the posts I could find are 3-4 years old)

Thanks a lot