Piwik Vistor Log Drops for Hours


Hey I am having an issue with piwik, it drops for hours and then turns on again. What is up with that? Anyone else have that issue please thecallet.com

username: callet
password: katzkatzkatz

(afterthought) #2

I’d bet this is a bug related to timezone issues. When you notice the problem, note the time, then advance the date parameter in the url manually:


For me this shows my current visitors arriving at 5pm PDT on 3/31/04.


Its not that, piwik stops displaying visitors log after 16:00 hours. just go dark.

(vipsoft) #4

Check the timezone setting for each site that you added for tracking in the Piwik’s Settings | Website Management tab.

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

Please try the latest RC which should fix the issue. 301 Moved Permanently

if it doesn’t post a message over there with as much info as you can (website timezone, time it stops working, etc.)