Piwik view render engine questions

I’m experimenting piwik render engine possibilities, especially the common datatable box, and have a few questions. My main objective is to know if the possibilities I ask for are “natively” supported or need a little or big additional development.

[li] A datatable can contain datarows that can contain datatables (subtable). Is there natively infinites levels (subsub…tables). By “natively”, I mean “Are subline clic events correctly handled (passing good parameters and invoking defined controller / API)” ?
[/li][li] When expanding a line, an $idSubTable is passed to the API associated sub table get method. I think (maybe i’m wrong) that this ID is an internal one. How is clicked line retreived from this ID ? Is the main table re-requested using SQL ?
[/li][li] Is is possible to auto-expand such datatable (displaying directly all hierarchy) ? I see a

protected $recursiveDataTableLoad = false;

in Piwik_ViewDataTable_HtmlTable but don’t manage to use it…

Thanks in advance


I’m justing upping this thread…

Maybe I had to post this kind of question otherwhere (in any dev list) ? If this is the case, no problem I will move it.

Thank you for reply.

I think the problem here is that the questions are too complicated to answer unless you take much time to answer & explain. Sorry, maybe you are interested in Piwik services? http://piwik.org/consulting/