Piwik Version error during upgrade


I am trying to upgrade Piwik from 2.16.2 to 3.13.2
I have addressed all the pre-requisites and also any actions during upgrade.
I also get a Upgrade succsessful messge and upon logging in, I get below error message:

Could not parse version constraint >=PIWIK_VERSION: Invalid version string “PIWIK_VERSION”


Can you please search through all the Matomo directory to find where PIWIK_VERSION or >=PIWIK_VERSION is set?

Hi Lukas,

I see following entries for PIWIK_VERSION search:

1). \piwik\core\View.php
Line 137: $this->piwik_version = Version::VERSION;

2). \piwik\plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller.php (3 hits)
Line 60: $view->piwik_version = Version::VERSION;
Line 209: $view->new_piwik_version = Version::VERSION;
Line 254: $view->current_piwik_version = $currentVersion;