Piwik v2.15.0 Archive Cron Job fails with Segmentation Fault

Hello -
I am using Piwik v2.15.0 running on a Linux VPS hosting system. Installation worked perfect with no errors. I have been able to do all the system configuration and am able to see reports from the web browser. Statistics are being collected. My system is a VPS system thru a Hosting Provider. I have full control over my VPS Server. I am running PHP v5.4.45

The problem I am having is the Archive Cron Job fails all the time with a Segmentation Fault. I was able to run the same cron job script from Command Line, and the script runs fine with no errors and generates the reports. I have been working with my Hosting Tech Support team to trouble shoot this issue, but they can see nothing wrong on my VPS server and suggested I go back to PIWIK for a solution.

Can someone assist and help me to resolve this issue. I have also installed Piwik v2.15.0 on a Virtual Machine (VirtualBox) that is running CentOS v6.7 with Apache, MYSQL and PHP installed. I was able to get the cron job script to run perfect on this virtual machine. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Use a more modern version of PHP eg. php 5.6

Hello Matthieu -

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m still a little confused about the PHP version. On my VPS Server that is hosted by a service provider, it is currently running CentOS 6.7 with PHP 5.4.45. I have since created a virtual machine using Virtual Box that is also running CentOS v6.7 with PHP 5.4.45 On this virtual machine, it runs the Piwik Archive Cron Job with no issues. I get the report. No segmentation failure. Do you think upgrading will resolve the problem? I know I can upgrade my virtual machine for testing before upgrading my VPS Server. Again thank you for the suggestion.

yes, upgrading PHP will likely fix the issue :+1:

Hello Matthieu -

Thank you for the advice. I just completed the upgrade of PHP to v5.6.16 on my server and that fixed the segmentation fault error that was occurring. Now I have the problem where the archive cron job does not send out email notification after the completion of execution. Not certain why that is not working. I have validated that the archive log file is being created, and looking at the log file is shows successful completion. Any ideas as to why the archive cron job is not sending out the email upon completion?