Piwik v2.12.1 / OpenCart v2.2.0

Hello, I installed Piwik on my site for the first time with the help of my host and love the software so far but I have a problem.

I have two domains. Piwik is installed on domain1.co.uk

domain1 code is fine and working when i put the code in the html page (coming soon landing page)
domain2 code is put in the footer.tpl file where eventually it becomes part of the index.php - this site is using opencart.

Whenever I sign into Piwik domain2 dashboard, it tells me that no data is available as the tracking code needs to be added for domain2. I have cross-checked both scripts for my domains and they are both identical except for the actual domains and the siteID tags.

The official suggestion for the opencart module is outdated (although I have not tried) and most likely won’t work with the latest version of opencart.

Can anyone give feedback to what I may need to do to get the data showing?

PS: I have tried my sites form different devices, not just this pc
domain2 settings have e-commerce enabled - domain1 does not as its just a coming soon html page.

Would highly appreciate some assistance.