Piwik using up all my memory


I have been experiencing a problem a for a little while now, I think it first appear since I upgraded to the latest version of Piwik, but it might also be unrelated to that.

My problem is that I am running a VPS and I get warning messeges from Linode (my VPS hoster) complaining that I am exhausting my diskio. When I check it out it seems like it is due to my box being out of memory and it begins writing to swap. (500 MB memory).

The box is running a piwik install on apache and a wordpress blog. The blog is very low in traffic, say 30 -40 visitors a day. The piwik is connected to a blog with 60-80 visitors a day (on another server).

Looking at the processes in htop shows me that the memory is eaten mostly by alot of apache2 processes (each eating 5MB - 1.4MB) and maybe 20 mysql connections (5MB memory each).

I am guessing that the apache connections are caused by Piwik somehow. Is there anyway I can verify/fix this?

( I noticied that I was using both the javascript code and the image code at the same time (not only in the noscript block), can this have caused the problem?)

Would appriciate help! Love Piwik, thanks for providing an alternative to Skynet.

with 30 visitors a day, there should be absolutely no memory problem… Sorry I’m not sure what to say, maybe ask your webhost, how come there is such a problem for such little traffic ?

Yes, that is why I suspect that it is some sort of bug in piwik which keeps apache processes running.

Do you see any error in the error logs ?

Only this line:
[Wed Oct 17 03:18:57 2012] [error] [client 100…ip… ] PHP Notice: Undefined index: sitesearch_category_parameters in /srv/www/links/public_html/piwik/plugins/SitesManager/SitesManager.php on line 105, referer: www.url.com

Sorry I don’t know, I recommend asking your webhost, it sounds like a problem on his side, since Piwik tracking is very optimized for speed and memory. Also make sure you 've disabled GEOIP (PHP) wihch might impact memory.