Piwik update question

I have been using the version of Piwik that was provided via my host provider and it works very well.
Now Piwik, on the page it creates, suggests an update for itself but, after installation, the updated version doesn’t function in the environment of my host’s servers, so I had to delete the piwik folder’s contents and reinstall the old version. The old version works fine and I like it.
Has anyone else had this experience regarding updates?
Am I missing much by not being able to update?

Please provide more information what exactly does not function: tracking, UI? What error message are you getting? Any messages in server error logs?

HiIt claims that the wrong version of php is running, although I ensured that my host is running the most up to date version. As I say I like the old version of Piwik so I’m just wondering whether I should ignore updates for the time being and maybe try it later. I’d be interested to know what I would be missing by not updating Piwik. Thanks
Kind regards
David W Solomons