Piwik UI load times degrading

We have piwik 2.x version of Piwik … was acceptable in terms of load times but since last 2 weeks its takes >>3 minutes to load the dashboard page …
We checked all the standard suggestions available online to improve load times but not of any impact.
We have about 8 clients and none of them are high transaction volume generators.

Question : We do have data from last 3+ years … Is there a way to remove the data more than 1 year older which could help in improving load times ?

Any other suggestions to improve load times would help …
Upgrading to Matomo latest is in the background but at the moment have to improve current load times :frowning:


Yes, I don’t know how the setting used to be called in 2.x, but Matomo supports automatically deleting old data (raw data and/or reports). But I don’t think this will improve the performance (unless your data is larger than your MySQL-Server can handle).

I’d recommend you to disable browser archiving and set up cron if you haven’t yet. This way the reports will only update when your cronjob runs, but it is already ready when you open the dashboard.

There are some other things that can be improved, but remember that you are missing 3 years of new features, data privacy laws, security fixes, performance updates and bug fixes. So please upgrade to the latest Matomo (and keep updating it regularly afterwards) as soon as possible.

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