Piwik UI been tracked under idsite = 4 not idsite=1


I have enabled
track_visits_inside_piwik_ui = 1

however since the upgrade to 1.11 this traffic is been loged to idsite = 4. Which is unfortunately the id i am using for my production traffic. so now my stats are polluted with Piwik UI and Frontend traffic.

is this a know issue ?



Thanks for the report! I created a ticket Piwik UI is tracked as current idSite instead of 1 · Issue #3814 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub and fixed the issue in Fixes regression for Piwik UI tracking in debug mode. · matomo-org/matomo@cb152c0 · GitHub

Note that this is a debugging feature and should not be used in production (that’s why it’s in the [Debug] section). For now you can fix this issue by adjusting plugins/CoreHome/templates/piwik_tag.tpl according to the change in the second link.

Thank for the Quick Reply :slight_smile: