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Is it possible to track piwik pages (i.e. dashboard and other tabs on the dashboard )itself with piwik tracking code for different piwik site (for generating which pages are frequently used)?



In case you have TYPO3 as a CMS you could put the piwik-code into the Typoscript for the piwik-page, thus it should track itself.
I am not familiar with the functionalities of other CMS’ though.
In case you are not using a CMS at all, you would probably needs to edit the code of the viewable Piwik-files, thus modyfing the sourcecode of Piwik - you could do that, but as soon as you update Piwik it’d be gone.

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You can also in config.ini.php set

track_visits_inside_piwik_ui = 1

This will add the piwik tracking code to piwik itself, and track piwik stats in the website with ID = 1
which you can change in: /plugins/CoreHome/templates/piwik_tag.tpl


In config.ini.php, I have set the following

track_visits_inside_piwik_ui = 999

as 999 is my site_id which i want to track

And I have added following code into: /plugins/CoreHome/templates/piwik_tag.tpl

{if $piwikUrl == ‘http://yourDomain/piwik/’ || $debugTrackVisitsInsidePiwikUI}

{literal} {/literal} {/if}

But the site is not tracking at all. Or may be I am doing it wrong. Do I have to set config.ini.php and update the file in /plugins/CoreHome/templates/piwik_tag.tpl?




Did you get this to work?

Just a quick thought. I have set a cookie so as not to track my hits on sites. If this cookie is set, wouldn’t you also be excluded due to this? (Hence it’s not working)



No its not working still. I haven’t got any cookie to track hits on the site The only cookie I have is following:

page_maximum_length = 2048
trust_visitors_cookies = 1

I don’t think changing this will have any effect. :frowning:

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