Piwik tracking wrong URL?

I’ve searched the FAQ and knowledgebase for situations like this, but I cannot find an answer.

I have piwik installed on a subdomain, completely separate from any public pages that anyone has access to.
The code is correctly inserted onto my public pages, and I can confirm that the users are seeing it.

But for some reason, piwik is only tracking my activity on that subdomain. Which is strange because none of the javascript tracking code is inserted there, considering why would it be on the program itself.

I know this because it is tracking only my exact visits, length of visit, IP, everything. It is only taking these from the subdomain.

I have copy pasted my code for the correct website and the correct URL is set, but it refuses to track anything but piwik itself. There is no error in the code, I have not manually modified it, and no extra options were checked.

Any ideas or am I just breezing over something here?

edit: Even stranger, it seems that it is indeed tracking the correct place (my forums), but it is actually specifically only tracking me. Why would this be happening?

I got this same error! I think the PIWIK don’t recognize url:
piwik.domain.com - don’t collect any data from domain,com
domain.com/piwik/ - collect all data from domain.com

This is the exact same problem I am facing right now. Piwik just tracks my visits and no one else’s. And the strange part is it tracks my visits only when I am on Google Chrome. If I visit my site with any other browser, piwik doesn’t log my visits!

Check Your browser for any kind of blocker like uBlock or AdBlock or anyone which one blocking JavaScript. Sometimes browser has enable private policy in browser settings. I think PIWIK is very bad for collecting data. We should waiting for any php script working as server side tracker not JavaScript because this scripts is easy to be disable.