Piwik Tracking in 3 Database

hi all,

I am new to piwik. Ill need some advise here if its possible.

Ok Here is what i have and gather the data for

I have 1 Piwik Installed which just the log_visit i have more than 5million within 1 month for my server. (Because we are doing a customised visitors + Profit earning etc for the Tables. Eg when we do a Select * from piwik_log_visits WHERE siteid = 1 it takes very long time to load)

But i have another website with will have the same amount of visitors.

So should i install a new stats in the new web or just add in to the current stats page ?

Or is there another way like just By Login to one Stats Piwik Page i can able to see 2 different tables of piwik like piwik_log_visits and piwik_log_visitsWebsite2

Is that possible ?

Please advise