Piwik To put and setting to set intranet websites/portal / configure IP recognition


When tracking a intranet portal , the ips are all internal eg or

When we come to PIWIK it recognizes this IP as external IPs and tries to match them to a region ( Mostly they show its US)

can PIWIK have a setting to specify that a website is intranet based so as to stop reflecting enternal intranet ip as external ips.

We should also be able to have a mix of both intranet based portal with external access.

We can also have a way of specifying which are the intranet IP and which are not

Please consider this

See feature request Build a generic Analytics platform: allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more · Issue #4734 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

See also: Web Analytics for Intranet portals - Analytics Platform - Matomo

matt , but this is “Feature Suggestions” forum

indeed, thanks for your suggestion. I’m linking to relevant tickets as maybe you want to comment on there (since the tickets are really where we keep track of best ideas that we are likely to work on in the future :))

Thanks Matt