Piwik timezone

If a user from another time zone different from mine browses through my website will my statistics on piwik show that the user browsed through my website in their timezone or in mine? Example say a user in California browses through my website at 2pm (California time) when I see the statistics (I am in say New York) will it say that the user browsed through my website at 2pm or at 5pm?

Both. It will be recorded in your timezone (just as shown in the Live!Visitors widget). You can however show visitors by server time (meaning the time you’ve set up for your website) or by local time, which shows the visit distribution by their respective local timezones.

Thank you so much for your help It does work.

Also I have a another question if you don’t mind:

When my co-worker in the same room typed in my IP address on his mobile device, piwik did not register it as a visit but when I use my laptop and type in my own IP address, piwik does count it as a vist/pageview, why is that?