Piwik through an iframe

Do you know why I can set a specific iframe to run piwik ??

I would like to give my clients a friendly address but the page stay blank ::o ? source code seem correct !

Thanks for your help (tu)


nobody can help me ?


Are your pages tagged correctly?
If you click on your website in a search result, and look at your page source, can you see the Piwik tracking code? Make sure the Piwik tracking code is installed on all the pages you want to track, and is not within an iframe. We advise to put the Piwik code just before the tag.

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Hi Thanks for your answer …

All was correct , but impossible to see the Piwik web site if I make a 301 redirection


what is the url you want to provide to your customers ? If i can have a look I could help you

Hi thanks
the url is this one :http://webstats.bretweb.net

I would like to hide the other one not friendly :


Hi, so I made some tests. The restriction does not come from Piwik to show up in an iframe.

This code works on my webserver: pointing to demo.piwik.org:

<TITLE>DEMO Piwik in an iFrame</TITLE>

<p>This is the main page. Here under is the iframe with piwik:</p>

<iframe src="http://demo.piwik.org/" width="80%" height="80%">no frame</iframe>


But the iframe content does not show up pointing to your url: http://s140542921.onlinehome.fr/stats

But if I set the src of the iframe to http://s140542921.onlinehome.fr, the iframe content is showing up with the 403 error.

My conclusions:

  • The problem does not come from Piwik
  • The problem does not come from Host onlinehome
  • The problem surely comes from any htaccess rule.

Do you have anything that prevents hotlinking or frame detection in your htaccess ?

This may be the solution.

Could you solve it ?

If you want to frame your Piwik site, you may have to also configure:

enable_framed_logins =
enable_framed_settings =

These default to 0 to bust frames (and clickjacking).

excuse me about low anwser …
My problem is not resolve …

where i have to set
enable_framed_logins =
enable_framed_settings =

into the htaccess ?

best regards

I come back here because my problem was not resolved …
the piwik is hosted on 1and1

I’m always trying to use it through a Iframe … but this work only If I’m logged on …

Before this I just see a blank page …

??? Some helps please ???
Thanks !

Resolved !

Sorry I 'm just a little blind! B)
I have just to have a look there:
Piwik through an Iframe Faq

OK thanks for your help

See this FAQ to embed Piwik within iframes: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo