Piwik : "There is no data for this report"

Dear evrybody,

When connecting to my piwik, all my reports are empty (“There is no data for this report”), excepted the Visitor log which have some data.
In order to get all other reports working i need to do the followings:

[li] Clic on http://demo.piwik.org/plugins/Live/templates/images/returningVisitor.gif icon in Visitor Log report
[/li][li] Clic on “Seting” and I see some data appearing
[/li][li] come back to Dashboard

And now all reports sounds ok !
If I disconnect from piwik, again same problem!

My piwik is installed behind a reverse proxy - I have the latest version 1.10.1 installed

Any idea about this strange thing?

Thanks for your help

It’s a bug. Please dont click on this icon yet (or manaully remove the &segment= from the URL)

we will fix this bug a bit later as we will change completely the way it works