Piwik Test Localhost

Good day. I recently installed piwik on localhost now i followed the instructions just fine though I made my own ios app instead of continuing the ios demo which also didn’t run (or i don’t know how to run). Now the installation went well. cocoapod installed piwiktracker and i was able to set the tracker as said by the log the problem is setting the user id sending the custom event and sending views did not do anything to change or modify the statistics in the piwik dashboard. I run the app 5 to 10 times. To make support easy. I’ll include my config
testserverurl = http://localhost:8888/piwik/piwik/piwik.php
testsiteid = 1;

are those settings correct i followed the instructions. installed piwik, added website which has siteid 1, imported piwik after installing cocoapods, initialized the shared instance of piwik at didfinishlaunchingoptions then at my viewcontroller viewdidload sent the views, set the user id, sent the custom event as indicated in another tutorial here Integrating Piwik in iOS mobile applications | The Panda Blog

hoping and excited to learn and use its functionalities. thanks have a nice day