Piwik stopped tracking (prop. after PHP 5.2 -> PHP5.3 update)

Hi all,

Piwik (1.8.3) running on hosteurope stopped working. Last tracked visitor was on 09/04/12. Since hosteurope updated from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.3 on 09/05/12 in the early morning it might be due to that.

I tried all solutions suggested in the FAQ but nothing worked.

Besides the update of PHP we had to update contenido (CMS) to work with PHP 5.3. But even before we updated contenido (late on 09/05/12) Piwik did not track a single visitor.

Any suggestions?

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Same problem here (hosteurope, too).

Anyone else?

Hi !!

I have the same problems on hosteurope after update to php 5.3.
Is there a server configuration fault?

Thanks for your help in advance!


Deactivate your GeoIP Plugin.
It seems to interfere with new server settings.
They have an Apache GeoIP Plugin installed now, which I believe wasn’t there before. Maybe this causes trouble.



Thank you very much!
It solved the problem!

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I found a solution with active geoip:

And everything ist ok now :wink:

Problem solved thx@Cebalraj

Solved here, too.
Many thanks!