Piwik stats almost always less than GA

I use both GA and Piwik, but problem is the latter is almost always less than GA.

There was a day when I had ~300 visits in Piwik but ~900 visits in GA. That’s 3x!

But lately the difference is getting smaller, in range of 10-40.

But still, I need to explain to the man. Any idea, why?

Goes GA track users that do not have javascript enabled (eg Mozilla desktop using NoScript, or mobile browsers)?

If you used Piwik API or image to track visitors maybe the visitor counts would increase?

FWIW, i use Site Meter on my sites and while i haven’t done any detailed matching, i did do a side by side comparison of Piwik visitors vs Site Meter visitors, and the ones that were missing were ‘javascript disabled’ in Site Meter which didn’t register on Piwik (i don’t use API or image tracking).

We dont use js tracking API. We build our own URL mimicking the ones generated by the javascript. Same case with GA…