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Hello all,
first of all I would like to say that I have read the FAQ and some previous posts concerning the speed of Piwik.However, I still need to understand why it is so slow.

The website I installed piwik on is a dedicated web server. Piwik is managed by an Apache virtual server on the same machine. For the sake of clarity:

It is terribly slow:

  • the dashboad requires around 30 seconds to load, but this would not be a problem.
  • when I download a page from www.domain.it, everything downloads fine, the page is displayed, but the connection to piwik takes over 30 seconds to complete.
  • when I connect to piwik.domain.it, the page is displayed after longer than 30 seconds too.

I have already set the session management to be carried out on the db instead of the local filesystem.

Is there some configuration file I need to inspect in order to improve the piwik speed. As it is now it is unusable.

Furthermore, every once in a while, the Map widget says:
The Piwik configuration file couldn’t be found and you are trying to access a Piwik page.
» You can install Piwik now
If you installed Piwik before and have some tables in your DB, don’t worry, you can reuse the same tables and keep your existing data!



have you already read this: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo
My Piwik became much faster after using automatic archiving via crontab.


The Piwik installation was made on a development version of the website, receiving a controlled number of visits by me (the developer). When I noticed its slowness it received a total number of 3 visits. If the problem was related to the generation of the reports, then there is a problem in how these reports are computed since 3 entries cannot be that long to process.

However, besides the speed in generating the reports, there was a problem in the tracking process itself. The connection to the piwik service was incredibly slow when downloading pages from the same server was very fast.

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Have you tried enabled DB sessions as explained in the FAQ? Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Yes I did.

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What is your config/config.ini.php?

it should read:

session_save_handler = files

Otherwise can you see some errors in your webserver error log file?


Is that a trick question? :slight_smile:

It used to read like that (even if actually it did not). Now it is:

session_save_handler = dbtable

as explained in the FAQ. There was no “General” section, so I added it below all the others.

I have access to the error logs and there are no error messages.

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OK sorry I meant dbtable not files indeed.

At this stage I really don’t know what could cause this, do other softwares such as wordpress work OK on the server?


The server is a dedicated server with a fast processor, two hard drives, and 2GB RAM, running ubuntu linux.

The only software running on the server, besides apache and sshd, is a php filesystem-based CMS developed by me.

The website and the piwik installation are managed by two different virtual hosts.

Thanks anyway.