Piwik Smartphone or iPhone Application

Where can I find an iPhone- or smartphone application for piwik?
Does someone already got an application?
It would make life much easyer for me style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

Please reply, Best regards from germany.

For Android there is an application called Web Analytic Pro. Works fine.


I started developing a Piwik for iPhone webapp with a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I am about to submit a guest blog post to the Piwik blog for a detailed howto. If you understand German, here’s a list of posts about it you can read in the meantime (sorry, no links, the forum software won’t allow those links here):

  • www.wendtswelt.de/2010/05/piwik-iphone/
  • sebastian.thiele.me/blog/piwik-statistik-furs-iphone/1646
  • infoblog.li/web-app-piwik-statistiken-auf-dem-iphone/

Check out the hosted version at piwik + jQTouch and please spread the word! No information is stored outside your iPhone but you can also install the software on your own server – it’s just Javascript and static HTML. Source code is available under MIT at GitHub - awendt/piwik-iphone: Piwik for iPhone: An alternative to Piwik Mobile, with only the most important stats.

This is still work in progress, please bear with us. So far you can get your visits per day. We are working on it.

We’d appreciate any feedback, so go ahead and give it a try!

Hope this helps,

The correct name for the Android application is “Web Analytic Client” from Webxit.


Just found a Piwik App for iPhone on iTunes App Store, its called “Piwik Analytics”.
It seems pretty nice with almost every statistics I need for mobile analytics.

Just search for “Piwik” and you will find it.
I hope some more features will be added like orientation support or sites / user management.