Piwik Site-Selection Menu = Order Entries / More Entries?


Piwik has in the top right Corner a DropDownMenu where I can select for which website the reports will be shown (“Website Selection Menu”).

1.) Is ist possible to order the entries in this list somehow manually?

2.) How can I include more entries in this list. Currently Piwik shows exactly 10 Entries. But I want to have for example all my websites or at least 20? Is there a parameter that I missed where I can configure the numbers shown here? (I did not have a look at the sourcecode is this easy to fix in the sourcecode myself in case it is not configurable?)

Thanks to all piwik supportes. piwik is great!


  1. not possible
  2. in your config.ini.php add:


Hi Matt,

thanks a Million Times for this helpfull reply!!