Piwik Signup Plugin

Anyone get this thing working? I have tried running the “patch” command to for the patch file but it just fails. What files do you actually edit if you were to do it manually. This is the code from the patch:

Index: config/global.ini.php
--- config/global.ini.php	(revision 3324)
+++ config/global.ini.php	(working copy)
@@ -55,6 +55,9 @@
 ; this option must be set to 1 when adding, removing or modifying javascript and css files
 disable_merged_assets = 0
+enable_captcha = 0
 ; character used to automatically create categories in the Actions > Pages, Outlinks and Downloads reports
 ; for example a URL like "example.com/blog/development/first-post" will create 
Index: lang/en.php
--- lang/en.php	(revision 3324)
+++ lang/en.php	(working copy)
@@ -1191,4 +1191,13 @@
 	'PDFReports_AreYouSureYouWantToDeleteReport' => 'Are you sure you want to delete this PDF Report and its schedule?',
 	'PDFReports_ThereIsNoPDFReportToManage' => 'There is no PDF Report to manage for website %s',
 	'PDFReports_YouMustBeLoggedIn' => 'You must be logged in to create and schedule custom PDF Reports.',
+	'Signup_InvalidWebsiteURL' => 'Invalid website URL. Enter full URL with http:// prefix.',
+	'Signup_Captcha' => 'Enter text from image above',
+	'Signup_InvalidCaptcha' => 'Invalid text from image.',
+	'Signup_Signup' => 'Sign up',
+	'Signup_Intro' => 'Please fill this form to sign up for Piwik account.',
+	'Signup_ProceedDashboard' => 'Proceed to Dashboard',
+	'Signup_CompleteMessage' => 'Sign up complete!<br /><br />Make sure your JavaScript code is entered on your pages, and wait for your first visitors!<br /><br />We will receive an email with confirmation shortly.',
+	'Signup_MailSubject' => 'Signup complete',
+	'Signup_MailBody' => "Hi %1\$s,\n\nYou have successfully sign up for Piwik account. \n\n Your username:\t%2\$s\n Your password: \t%3\$s\n Login URL: \t%4\$s\n\nTo count all visitors, you must insert the JavaScript code (below) on all of your pages.\n\n%5\$s",

Also, what do you do with the “signup-language.txt” file? I should probably be able to figure this out but for some reason have not been able too.

I hope to see this plugin in 1.6!

I recommend asking your question in the Signup ticket directly :slight_smile: Piwik as a self serve hosted web analytics solution · Issue #1148 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Where can I find a plugin that lets users register and login to my self hosted version of Piwik?

Please help. I have been using this product for years surely someone has come up with a solution for this by now.