Piwik shows actions in visitor overview but missing data elsewhere


I’m a new user to Piwik – I’ve been testing it out using log file parsing. I’ve successfully been able to import log files and am able to see some information - browser info, location, time of day, referrer websites, etc. I can also see normal information in visitor overview, but once I click the tab to view visitor logs, I see individual users and their IP addresses with how much time they spent on the site, but with 0 actions for every single one. This is despite the fact that the visitor overview tab registers actions. Also, there are no reports given under the actions tab.

I’ve tried to go through the FAQ here: “There is no data for this report”

Any ideas why this could be happening? I’m running it on an IIS server.


Please try a fresh re-install of piwik 2.2.2 which may solve your problem, as there was a bug in 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 that could cause this problem

I just reinstalled it – unfortunately with the same results. Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it.

If you still have the problem of no data being tracked, please try with latest 2.2.3-b1 that can be downloaded here: Index of /
Or you can also update in one click to the latest version by following these instructions: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I think the problem will be fixed. Thanks for your patience!

I’m experiencing the same problem since a 2.2.0 update.I hadn’t noticed it at first because I’ve been a whil looking elsewhere than in Actions tabs only taking a quick glance to the views.

I tried to update to 2.2.2 without success.

I then tried to install a fresh 2.2.3-b4 aside and import my data in it. The problem is still the same : nothing is shown under the Action tab, in the main page all the sites have the normal views count but the page view count sticks to zero.

I’ve looked into the sql tables. For instance the table ’ piwik_log_link_visit_action’ which seems the right place to see actions activity shows me very recent records from the 10th of may for instance, despite nothing is shown under the interface.

Feel free to ask for information if needed to squeeze the bug !

One furthuer info that may have it’s importance : I remember that just after the 2.2.0 update I had a problem in the recording of statistics : nothing was recorded for a few days until a user realized that his stats were all zero for the past days. So I looked further and found that after the upgrade some plugins were outdated. I’ve been able to update most of them, but stayed stuck with one of the example plugins (don’t remember which though) which I finally deactivated since it was not needed. Afterwards all seemed to be back on… execpt that in fact no actions are recorded by piwik.


Can you see the Visits and Pageviews in the Visitors>Visitor Log for the recent dates?

If you can see data here, it means the logs are succesfully recorded. Then you may try to setup the cron archivng: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo which will ensure all reports are pre-processed

thanks a lot for your answer.
Visits are recorded, but I seen no pageviews (Actions in french) :

Here’s a sample of the log (copy-pasted from the web page)

Mar 13 Mai - 23:13:04
IP: xxxx 	[Algérie, Provider IP]   [Firefox 29.0 avec les plugins pdf, flash, director, realplayer, windowsmedia, silverlight activés]   [Windows XP, 1024x768 (normal)] Plugins: Pdf Flash Director Realplayer Windowsmedia Silverlight 	
Google # 4
0 Action

Mar 13 Mai - 22:09:15
IP: xxxx
FAI: SFR 	[Ussac, Limousin, France, Provider SFR]   [Mobile Safari 7.0 avec les plugins quicktime activés]   [iOS, 768x1024 (normal)] Plugins: Quicktime 	
0 Action

Mar 13 Mai - 21:44:48
IP: xxxx
FAI: Orange 	[Dompierre-sur-chalaronne, Rhone-Alpes, France, Provider Orange]   [Internet Explorer 7.0 avec aucun plugin activé]   [Windows Vista, 1280x1024 (normal)]  - [Visiteur de retour - 15 visites] 	
Entrées directes
0 Action - 5 min 40s

Mar 13 Mai - 21:41:16
IP: xxxx
FAI: SFR 	[Limoges, Limousin, France, Provider SFR]   [Firefox 29.0 avec les plugins pdf, flash, java, director, realplayer, windowsmedia activés]   [Windows XP, 1024x600 (wide)] Plugins: Pdf Flash Java Director Realplayer Windowsmedia 	
Google # 2
0 Action - 6 min 3s

I’ve already launched archive.php (from the web interface, it was long but the process went over)


still haven’t not resolved the problem and looking through the forum if…

Reading I’ve found another problem that showed a kind of similarity, and on the course of the discussion I was led to this bug : Weekly & monthly (& maybe others?) graphs show total of 0 visits if no access on present day - CronArchive · Issue #5163 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

So I decided to play with the timespans and finally found ways to get my data back.

My default date range is to show the last 30 days (today not included). With this date range, I experience the problem, hence my precedent posts.
But if I select in the calendar, say April 2014, then I’m able to see all stats, everything under the Actions tab included !
If I select May : no data to display under Actions

Well, it seems finally that I’m not affected by the said 5163 bug, but really broke something when made the 2.0 update :frowning:
It’s clear on the graphs that I updated on the 10th or 11th of April, 11th beeing the first day with no action.

Every date range including a date before the 11th of April gives me a result, otherwise, no Actions displayed despite the graph on the visitors tab counts them well !

633 visits
3 min 8s average visit duration
36% visits have bounced (left the website after one page)
3.9 actions (page views, downloads, outlinks and internal site searches) per visit
0s average generation time
2488 actions => but try to clic on the Actions tab and I see no data to display :frowning:

True for 2.2.2, and 2.2.3b4 with an imported dataset from my defective 2.2.2 installation

Where could I search now ?

today I had time to spend on this problem.
I’ve looked more closely in the databases and I can say :

  • the tracker records properly the visits : the piwik_log_visit table shows records of today
  • the actions are no more recorded since the 10th of April 14 : piwik_log_link_visit_action has it’s last record timestamped at this day (2014-04-10)

I’ve tried numerous imports from sql exports of my data to other installs of piwik in order to test but haven’t found back my records (I can assume that the link action visit are lost from 10th of April to when I’ll manage to get back piwik in order.). But I would like to have a solution to have it now record all actions as usual…

Help appreciated :wink:

@vertacoo Please can you try upgrade to 2.3.0-rc (instructions are simple: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo )

After this, if you still have a problem. please create new thread here

thanks for your hint.

I had forgotten to send a new message because of a busy week-end :wink:

So I managed to get a fonctionnal 2.2.2 install back. It wes finally pretty simple, I just needed to do a real fresh install of piwik, easing the db config by the way, and recreating it in the install assistant, and now the recording of the actions is back.

As I see the 2.3.0 has just come out I’ll try a one click upgrade, but if something goes wrong I know the cure : doing it by hand is the safer way.