Piwik seems to have stopped on Nov 1st

[attachment 1001 piwik-grab.jpg]

As you can see from the attached the “Visits Over Time” and “Returning Visits Over Time” are empty and other areas are displaying “No Data” however the “Visitors In Real Time” is showing activity.

This problem arose on November 1st and applies over all the sites I manage.

Does anyone have any idea what’s gone wrong?

We need more info what version of piwik

Server stats

How much memory assigned to php.ini

can you make a new dashboard and try one report to see if it shows up.

can you try another browser or delete cache and retry.

I have the latest version - 1.9.2

Server stats ???

Memory is I think 128mb

Tried new dashboard, no difference

Tried new browser, no difference

Server stats is is this ubuntu, some sort of VPS like cpanel, etc(who is your service provider if applicable)

Memory you think?(If it is 128 can you try and bump it up to 512 for troubleshooting sake)

Can you check error logs to see if anything there can help us troubleshoot

Server is Apache/Linux

Provider cannot increase above 128mb

I have requested server technician to inspect error logs for Nov 1st

I also have problem with piwik last version 301 Moved Permanently

Is there a solution? can I return to old version of piwik?

Thank you

This might be memory related, since the monthly report for October needs to be processed on Nov 1st and might use more memory than 128MB for your pages.

All Email reporting has been disabled. Please read original posting.

Thank you


I don’t understand how the running or failure to run reports can stop parts of the site from displaying results in certain areas.

Visitors in Real Time are fetched from the log_visits table while all (well most) other reports are pre-processed during the archiving process. A failure to execute archiving can result in numbers not displaying.

There are two options now:

[li] If you are still running the archiving process in browser, you can try to switch to cron-based archiving (see How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo)
[/li][li] If you are on cron-based archiving try to manually run the archiving process and paste the output here. You might run into an “Allowed memory size exhausted” error (which is caused by the archiving process if the number of visits to process exhaust the allowed memory size). (see How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo)

Thank you

I have the same problem. After 2 1/2 years of faithful service Piwik stopped tracking all seven websites on November 1, 2012 the day I upgraded to 1.9.1 The error log is empty.

I switched to a web cron based archiving as suggested. It did it’s job smoothly without error reports. Still I do not understand why archiving should fix the issue. If Piwik does not track in the first place there is basically nothing to archive, isn’t there? The reports are still empty.

Basically I have not idea how to identify the error.

Memory is at 128 MB and unchangable to me.

Piwik tracks all visits in the piwik_log_visit table. In order for Piwik being able to display metrics, those visits/actions need to be archived/pre-processed. If you are not using cron based archiving, Piwik will still run the archiving process, but this will happen whenever a report is requested by your browser. The first of each month is the day, the previous month will be processed (so on November 1st Piwik will run archiving on the month October).

@Marbot, so to sum this up, Piwik should still track all visits, they are just not archived and therefore your reports aren’t showing up. Can you run the archiving process manually over the command line? Try

php misc/cron/archive.php

Look for errors in the output and report them here.

Note: I am not 100% sure that this is the reason for the problem the two of you are having, but it is the most likely one.

I have been running Cron since day one and everything worked fine till I updated to 1.9.2 on Nov 1st

Last Friday I moved Piwik from the original host where I was limited to 95mb over to the Piwik host and reporting is still not working correctly. The graphic attached to the original posting still applies.

Im really curious as I think it might be memory related… I have always used 256 and higher(just personal prefrence) and not seen an issues that caused reports to look like your screen grab…

Maybe if anyone else that is using 1.92 with a dedicated memory allocation of 128 can chime in to see what experiences they had had running piwik?

I also wondered what memory setting do you have your apache running under?

lesjokolat, someone else with 128MB might not experience the same problem if it is memory related, because it depends on the number of visits (amount of data) that needs to be processed. That’s why it might have worked earlier.

Thats a good point Fabian…

Mike if you look historically do you see a trend overall of alot more traffic volume?

here is an interesting link on trying to optimize apache settings to see if they can help you measure if you maybe have enouce web serving resources…


The sites we manage are small, niche market and therefore do not receive much traffic so although we have nearly 60 sites our total traffic is less than 500 visits a day.

The graphic attached to the first posting is from one of our busiest sites.

Is this error the same for all your sites? can you try from a spectrum of them to see if its related to one site only?