Piwik seems not to see AdWords clicks

Hello, I have one problem with my Piwik 2.14.3. Adwords is saying that I have around 100 clicks per day. But Piwiks sees only around 6 visitors per day. How could that be?

Does nobody have an idea or is my question totally stupid? :S

Hi AmoteIlus,
Do you see only 6 visits in the Visitor Log for the day that you had 100 clicks from adwords? Maybe there are multiple clicks from the same visitor? Can you confirm this? Piwik can also be blocked by visitors using specific ad dons (eg. ghostery). You may have been a victim of a click fraud if you have multiple pageviews but only 6 visits.
Cheers, Michal

I’ve looked unique and all visits. Its the same. I have everyday around 100 clicks for my whole campagn which haves 18 adgroups. They all have different click amounts with around 0-30 clicks. It doesn’t looks like click fraud. How else I could check for click fraud. Or could there be some kind of adwords filter in my Piwik? Because as I said, in the beginning it showed the 100 adwords clicks. I don’t think that all the adwords visitors using tracker blocker.

Today I started to use URL parameter to track adwords visitors in Piwik like this:

Hopefully that way I will get more information.

More ideas?

Do you have access to your log file to check, whether all the users coming from adwords also load the piwik img and do the piwik request ?

I have tested loggin with a test browser, which Piwik also did not realized. Because of that, I completly reinstalled Piwik. Now it works again.