Piwik returns a plain blank page


Hope someone can help.

This morning I’m just getting a blank white page.
The system sent a report email I have set up last night but seems to have died since then.

No errors just a blank page.


Just as a side note, one of the other users added some more sites last night and also added a new user.

Had a look through the tables and I can’t see anything obvious.


Ok so I have cleared down my browser cache and such and I’m getting a login page now.

BUT when I log in I’m back to the start…

Please help I’m trying to integrate this system into all our sites.

Ok, I have done a new install.

I have pulled in my old data. Everything was working fine for a while.
And no I’m back to square one.

At login the site takes a long time to load and then I end up at this URL


With a completely white page. There is nothing returned on the site.

Setup the cron script as explained: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Then piwik will be very fast!