PIWIK reports visits but no actions anymore


I am using piwik for years, but have a strange behaviour since Sept 14: For all my websites visits are still counted correctly. But there are no actions visible. On the dashboard every website has a number of visits but no page views at all.

What can be the problem?

I am not aware of any changes I made during that time. Some webpages have manual tracking code, others (wordpress) with plugins. Since this effects all my webpages I suppose it is my central installation of PIWIK. It runs on SSL and non-SSL.
Database piwik_log_link_visit_action is empty since Sept 14…

Any idea? Thanks for your help!

It can be for SSL sertification, or it can be just search-robots ?

Hi Karl,

sorry, I don’t fully understand your reply.
I don’t think it is about SSL certification - cert is valid and there was no change.
What do you mean with search-robots?

Maybe I found the problem: I just found out that the table piwik_log_link_visit_action was corrupt. I did a mysql repair. But it there are still no new records in the table after accessing the site.

Now I added DB logging:

log_writers[] = database
log_level = INFO

Hope this gives me any clues…

Okay, the table repair did it. Now it works again… Thanks!