Piwik proxying miss counts

I use a piwik server that I proxy using my wordpress server. Somehow the amount of traffic is not properly accounted for if I use the proxy method (How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo). So what I observe in the server log is that the first hit to the piwik.php is served fine (which is to load the js). The second hit, which is the tracking itself, is missing for those cases where the traffic is not accounted for. I don’t have this problem when I direct the connection to the piwik server directly, and I can’t reproduce this case with my browser. Any clue? Thanks.

By the way, I tried another method of proxying (nginx) with the same results.

I’m having the same problem. We have some serious underreporting issues and have been using Google Analytics as reference. So far, GA has been counting two times more visitors than Piwik.

I just tried using 2 piwik trackers tracking the same blog using synchronous method as in the FAQ.

So the the connection is
User -> Proxy -> My Piwik Server
-> My Piwik server
User downloads the piwik.js from Proxy, and it’s supposed to be tracked in the server with 2 separate ID. I observe that the Proxy method does under report. So the user download the piwik.js from the Proxy, but it doesn’t hit the piwik.php in the Proxy.

Any clue so I can debug this further? Thanks.

Can you try upgrading to the latest proxy file, we fixed a bug in git: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/misc/proxy-hide-piwik-url/piwik.php

I’m using the latest version, and also tried proxy using nginx, both with the same result. Any clue where to look? Thanks.

can you reproduce the issue consitently? is there any error in the server log files ?

I’ve noticed actually that my traffic reporting is skewed by a few hours. So a visit now is actually recorded for 6 hours in the future. Anyone know what could be causing this?