Piwik Problem - Does NOT Track These Type Of Websites


I have a number of websites built using this software.


And unfortunately I have noticed that Piwik seems unable to track them.

Every site I add (and I have added several) always show up as zero visitors etc.

And that is despite the fact that when I do ‘view source’ on the pages, the Piwik code is clearly displayed.

So something in the way this software works means that Piwik doesn’t function properly.

I don’t want to share my urls publically, but if an admin wants to have a poke round the site to figure out why, then I am happy to help out.

(Or just buy the software - that ISN’T an affiliate link - and try it yourself)

To me this points to some wider problem with the way code is being executed/recorded, and might help the developers to figure out some wider tracking issues when Piwik doesn’t seem to function as people expect

In any case, it is extremely frustrating, because I have quite a few sites that use this on, and I cannot use Piwik to track them.

So it would be good to get to the bottom of it.

Any ideas?


a demo site:

gonna take a look

at your site’s source are you sure the piwik code is just before the ?

In the Admin area there is an SEO Options part which has an area for ‘Custom Scripts’.

I put it in there.

(Which is the only place it can go)

Looking at the source code it does definitely appear just before the tag on the pages themselves.

Have just put the code in again on one site to double check and the code itself seems fine on the pages.

have you successfully used piwik with other sites?

pastebin.com please paste the stuff before


It works fine with a static site. And I have 2 other wordpress sites on the same Piwik install, all of which show stats.

I have also tried three different other sites that use the above software, and none of those showed stats either.

Not sure what pastebin.com does?

Assumed it changed the formatting of the Piwik code? Anyway, I pasted the Piwik code into and then re–pasted it into the admin area.

Is that what you had in mind?

no i just wanted you to paste the code on this site for me to read. it doesnt mess with the syntax/fonts etc.

Just checked again the Piwik code is the very last thing before the end of the code ie

It baffles me why it doesn’t track it.

There is nothing wrong with the placement in the code, and I just did it again today, so its not anything too daft like missing out something.

There are many reasons that could cause this, see the FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have the same problem, is it possible that piwik javascript code doesn’t cooperate weel with other javascripts like jquery??
I have no other idea in mind of what it could be, even because image tracking in my case works, it’s just javascript tracking giving problems…

Piwik works fine with latest jquery, etc. (piwik.js is automatically tested with 4 or 5 other libraries)

I still haven’t been able to isolate the problem with this either Matt.

Piwik doesn’t work on any of these type sites (and I have several); but the same install is working just fine with both static sites and wordpress sites.

All of the sites are on the same server, so it can’t be server settings either.

What are all the sites that don’t work and are on same piwik as other sites that work ?

Sent you a PM Matt.

In the website you sent me, the Javascript code is not the same as on: http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/

The html entities in the JS code were converted into other entities, maybe by your HTML editor… causing the stats not to be tracked in this case. This is the first cause outlined in the FAQ: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo