Piwik panel is showing corrupted


After updating to the last version available I can’t seem to see the admin panel correctly.
I’m attaching a print screen.

What can I do?


see Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I followed the instructions and now my host can see piwik panel correctly ( I gave him the details).

But I can’t, I used two different browsers, removed cache and everything else.
I did resset to my browser but nothing helped.

Obviously its some type of vasibility issue, You have any suggestion?

can you confirm you did the config file change suggested in FAQ?

if so , email me your piwik url + login + password at matt@piwik and i’ll take a look (but Ithink the problem can be solved with faq)

Hostgator support did changed my settings and it didn’t help eventually.

As I mentioned, he had no problem when he logged in to my piwik panel, It’s only me with the problem.
I’m Emailing my details .



Did you get my Email?
I still can’t work with piwik… Need help!


I connected to your piwik, for me the All Websites dashboard loads OK in Piwik!
I see all 39 sites… maybe delete your browser cache ?

I’m using this thread again although it’s quite old.

I have this problem over and over again every couple of months.
What can be the problem? I’m hosting on Hosgator…