Piwik page redirect

Hello all,

I have setup piwik on Ubuntu, running on apache. When I hit at https://piwik.mysite.com/ it is showing up apache test page. I am able to to login to piwik if I do https://piwik.mysite.com/piwik.How do I get piwik just by hitting piwik.mysite.com ? I know there is a way by using .htaccess. but I have little knowledge on configuring .htaccess to redirect pages. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi, the easiest way is to put the Piwik files directly in your web root folder. So if your webroot is /var/www/piwik.example.com/, extract the zip so that the content of the piwik-folder (piwik.php, etc.) are directly in that folder.