Piwik only showing direct visitors

I’ve been running into Piwik problems since installing an SSL certificate.

Originally I had piwik running in a subdomain on the same server:


This was fine and everything worked. The actual folder is within the “public_html” folder.

After installing SSL I got access errors and could not login to piwik. So I removed the subdomain and set it to a folder -


The first login told be to change the trusted domain in config to “mydomain.com” from “piwik.mydomain.com” which I did and everything seemed fine.

Now since this change Piwik only records direct visitors. No refers are shown. No referer websites and no search traffic at ll is shown, nothing other than direct visits.

I know there is other traffic because I can see it in other analytics tools on the server.

Can you please help.

Check that your javascript code in your website pages has the correct URL, you may need to update the JS code

I am already using the new tracking code generated when I moved piwik. I changed this immediately. So this is not where the problem lies though thanks for suggestion.

see http://piwik.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_51/