Piwik only counts the startpage

(Sukrams) #1


I have the following problem: Since a few months I test Piwik as a statistic tool for my websites. Since the beginning Piwik just counts the index-page of my website, not the forum or other sites.

The most visitors come into my forum e.g. by Google. With a friend I checkt the forum and we found out, that I just added the code in only one template pack. I fixed that but there was no change.

Does anybody has an idea why piwik just counts only the index-site of my website and no other pages? the Forum is located into an other folder, but I think that shouldn’t care.

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(juti) #2

guess you need to put the code into every template you want to get tracked. maybee you need to generate a new “projekt” and start again.

(Christian Schneider) #3

Do you have an URL for us, so that we can have a look at the code?


(Karlsson) #4

Check the sourcecode of all relevant pages. Do they all contain the piwik tracking code?
Do you track only one domain or is e.g. the forum running on a different domain than piwik?

(Sukrams) #5

I put the Piwik-Code into the footer template of the forum. So it will be in every page that will be open, the code is in every possible template pack that could be used.

The domain is the same. The mainsite is www.modellbahn-community.net and the forum is in the forum/-folder: Modellbahn Community Forum.


(Jens) #6

If it’s a phpBB board, you have to clear the cache in the administrator panel and recompile the templates. Only that way changes to the templates are taking effect.

(Sukrams) #7

It’s a WBB. I don’t really know, if the templates are the problem. I cleared the cached-folders on the server and the Sourcecode shows the Piwik-Code, so I think there wouldn’t be any problems with the templates.

(Jens) #8

If the source code of the generated html file shows the piwik code, there must be another problem.

Can you give me the URL to your board in a PM? Maybe i can find something you didn’t see.

(Sukrams) #9


I don’t know why Piwik doesn’t count my website. But I installed Piwik at another Webspace (same Hoster, same configruation) but and created a code for my forum and the website. But it counts now. I don’t know why, but the second installation works.