Piwik only collecting data from my computer

Hi there,

I am having a problem with Piwik. I have just transferred from using Google Analytics. We get roughly 150 hits per day.

I installed the code last night and as of this morning the only data that it has collected is mine (my ip address) when I was testing real time data and I know that other people of been on the site as I have seen via my tracking within my cPanel, we have also had people calling us via the freephone number on the site. I have now blocked my IP and I am now not getting any data recorded at all.

Please can you help.

I have Piwik intsalled in a folder within the sites url.

Many thanks


Please can anyone help with this. I have searched high and low for a solution. It will only track my IP address. This is the code on the page:

Hello Clojo-

Did you remove your domain name on purpose from the tracking code you listed above? It says “www.mydomainname.co.uk”…


Yes I did as I didn’t want other people to be able to access.

Are you able to help?

Many thanks.


try with a different browser, maybe you have some security preventing request to load for other IPs. See the FAQ “no data”

I know this is an old topic. But I just installed this tool and I am having the exact same problem.
I don’t see how changing ( my browser ) is going to change if a user’s ( who will definitely be using whatever browser they choose ) data is collected.