Piwik on J-mobile

Hello all,

Thanks for this great tool and for your contributions1

I’ve installed Piwik a month ago and everything is working fine. Very well done, very intuitive.

There is 2 things I’d like to do:

1* Use Piwik on Mobile homepage (no Javascript). If I write the whole code, the Javascript appear on mobile screen, so I just wrote the Image tag, whitout and the rest. Is that okay?
Still, I can’t see the access on my Piwik dashboard. Did I miss something?

2* I’d like to modify the dashboard style. For exemple: where could i disable the “widgets” and “API” ? Those 2 have my users to send me plenty of mail because they don’t understand how to use those, etc…
Same way, I’d like to remove the “Add a widget …” for non-admin users, so that would avoid the users who only have mobile homepage to see a full bench of “no data” graphs.

Thanks for reading,


PS: is there any plan for a clickheat plugin as for PV2?

#1 is not yet implemented (see http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/653))

#2 look in plugins/Dashboard/templates/index.tpl to remove the “Add a Widget…” link.

In the plugins menu, disable the “Widgetize” and “API” plugins to remove those links from the page header.