Piwik not tracking visitors since code added to site

I’ve added Piwik Analytics code to one of our WordPress sites. However, this was a over a week ago, but today there are still no visitors showing in my Piwik account dashboard.

Website traffic for 1—8 Feb 2014: Unique visitors = 240, Number of visits = 375

It’s a well-trafficked little affiliate website (WinAPrizeHome.com.au) that makes us nice sales commissions in a niche sector. Till now we’ve used AwStats visitor info to tweak/increase visitor numbers & overall sales. (It would be great to finally replace AwStats with a UI Dashboard such as Piwik offers.)

NOTE: This site is on our Hostgator Reseller webhosting account. Their tech support gave me great assistance getting Piwik installed on our primary website domain, separate from winaprizehome.com.au.

I’ve checked that my setup & code placement onsite is correct, & I’ve also read as much of your Piwik documentation as I can handle at a stretch (not being a code junkie). In my Piwik Settings, the only item I’ve tweaked is to exclude my IP address; no other customisations.

But I’m at a loss as to what to do next. :S

Just now, I’ve added “&rec=1” to the Image Tracker code & suddenly, there are a couple of visits & pageviews showing! Huh?

Please help. What am I missing?

Make sure you use latest WP-piwik plugin. Also check first question on Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo