Piwik not sending emails on AWS


I am trying to get Piwik to send emails but I have so far been unsuccessful. The Piwik server is hosted on AWS. I have tried sending emails using both SMTP turned on and off.

With SMTP I add the following into my config.ini.php:

port = “25” (i’ve tried 465 too)
host = "email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
type = "Login"
username = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
password = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
encryption = “tls”

noreply_email_address = "xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com"

With SMTP turned on I get the error An error occured while sending ‘PDF Email Report - 3.2015-10-27.1.en.pdf’ to xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com. Error was ‘Connection timed out’

I’ve checked the username and password are definitely correct.

When SMTP is turned off Piwik says that an email is sent but I never receive anything

Other posts say to check the maillog in /var/log/ but this doesn’t seem to be present for me