Piwik not sending Email Reports or if it does only 2 of 4

Hey there,

I have Piwik running for our small site.

Everything is working fine beside the email reports. I have set it up to send out reports weekly.

My (admin) email is set automatically but I only get the report once I added my address to the list manually a second time (so have it duplicated there).

Email 1 (my own, set automatically)
Email 2
Email 3
Email 4 (my own, once again otherwise I don’t get the report)

Email 2 and Email 4 are getting the weekly reports, Email 1 don’t get it only if I add it a second time. Email 2 and Email 3 aren’t getting anything at all.

When pushing the button to send the report manually only Email 2 gets the report anyone else is left out BUT the system shows “Loading Data” forever.

Anyone knows what I can do to get it working properly?