Piwik not logging external visits

(Mike Ross) #1

Hi, i have setup and installed piwik 0.4.3 on ubuntu 8.04. However i have a strange problem and wonder if im missing anything. It logs visits from anyone on our internal network however if i connect externally from home for example it doesn’t log the visit. Its not that we haven’t had any hits and i have checked our firewall and nothing is being blocked so im a bit stuck. Any suggestions anyone?

(vipsoft) #2

The easiest thing to do is browse your Piwik server URL from home and see what it returns. e.g., http:mypiwikserver/piwikpath/piwik.php?idsite=1

(Mike Ross) #3

I have tried this but get a page cannot be displayed. Sorry for being a bit stupid but the piwik is not installed on the webserver that host the website should this still work? I assumed an external party connected to the website then the webserver sent to the visit to the piwik server. Is this not the case? Does the piwik server need to be external facing too?

(vipsoft) #4

In this case, yes. The tracking code is on the web page. So it’s driven by the client/browser.

In 0.8 (perhaps sooner), we’ll add a server-side tracking API.