Piwik Mobile & custom variable values

Whereas the website dashboard lists the custom variables names and their values, Piwik mobile seems to only display names with no access to values information.
For example, I’m tracking language setting which appears in the mobile app custom variables panel but I can’t know how many French or English visitors.

I’m using Piwik 1.4 on the website and Piwik mobile 1.3.0 on Apple iOS 4.3.2

Thanks for your feedback with that.


Hey Phil,

It is not possible to view the custom variable values with piwik mobile by now.
We are currently discussing a way to make that possible within the piwik mobile team.

As there might be changes needed within piwik mobile and piwik itself, it might take until both released a new version.

I just wanted to +1 this feature. We are currently using the custom variables for digital “fingerprinting” but are unable to pull these values via the API. Our workaround is going to be reading these directly from MySQL but it would be really nice to be able to pull these directly from the API.

Thank You,


See the feature request: Piwik Mobile to display Custom Variables values when a Custom var name is clicked · Issue #2654 · matomo-org/matomo-mobile-2 · GitHub